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BSP (British standard pipe) is a standard which are use is different pipes and fittings in Europe and uk. These pipes work as a joint between two pipes with a female pipe. Bsp standard has been adopted as a standard in whole world expect USA where NPT pipe fittings are use.

In BSP standard there are two types.

1- BSPP which is also known as British standard pipe parallel thread

2- BSPF which is also known as British standard pipe fitting thread

In BSPT the size of diameter of the pipe increase or decrease along with the length of the pipe and vice versa

They are also know by following two terms

Joining Threads: In these types of pipe threads the pressure tightness is made through the mating between the two threaded profile.

Threaded screw:These are parallel pipe threads used wherever a pressure-tight joint is achieved by the compression of a soft material (such as Associate in Nursing o-ring seal or a washer) between the top face of the male thread and a socket or nipple face, with the modification of a backnut.

Caps with BSP threads are designed with simple grip which might facilitate within the easy installation and are created with rarity synthetic resin because the raw materials. There also are choices of Tear Tab Caps for BSP pipe fittings, that facilitate within the simple removal of the caps exploitation the tear tab practicality. The tear tab caps also are designed to guard the gas threads from damages, whereas coming back of use in varied applications. There ar different choices like Snap work plugs also as fast work plugs meant for traditional also as BSP threads. With numerous choices wherever threads come back of use, theres sensible reason to travel for the appliances with the universally applicable threads and like standardization.

Pan China fastening in specialized in all kind of Bsp threaded pipe fitting specially BSP threaded pipe Nipples. Black pipe nipples are also manufactured by this company. Rolled thread has been introduced for the first time just to enhance the quality of the product.

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